Your Digital Photography

In Need Have Help with Your Digital Photography?

Photographer Amy Renfrey offers an online course in how to get the most out of your digital camera and photo editing programs. You will receive a complete package of lessons and instructions in how to improve your photography. You’ll also receive two eBooks on photography, and a monthly magazine: Digital Photography Success Advanced digital photography, and Focus e-Magazine.

How to Get a Good Shot

Amy advises that lighting is a key factor in getting good photographs. She also covers shape, pattern, composition, texture and volume of images. You will learn how to frame your photos, control exposure settings, focus on different elements in the frame, and some basic special effects.

In addition to showing you how to make a great photographic composition, Amy will show you how lighting can take a photograph from good to great. The included eBooks cover how to avoid overexposure, and other lighting mistakes. You will also learn how to take great night-time photographs through adjusting the shutter speed and aperture control.

How to Make Money

You probably just love to take photographs, but Amy will cover how you can turn your hobby into a money-earning business. You can take photographs for greeting cards, postcards, and many other formats. You’ll also learn how to get the most out of your human subjects, so you get exceptional portraits.

Contacting the Instructor

Amy Renfrey is available to students via email at any time. She will take students through all steps of the photography process and assist however she can. Her goal is to go beyond the step by step instructions provided in the eBooks. In only seven days, you will be taking better photographs by following the course.

Packages and Cost

You get access to the eBooks, instruction and magazine for a total of $97. You also get free additional gifts in more advanced photographic techniques. This course is designed for both beginning photographers and advanced photographers who want to refresh and upgrade their skills. Amy Renfrey’s digital photography course has rave reviews from photographers who’ve completed the course.

Many photographers who’ve completed the course have great things to say. They have found it easy to go from amateur to advanced photography, and have learned new ways to take pictures from the instructional videos. In addition, you can take the course at your own pace and learn at your own speed, in contrast to in-person photography classes.

With the Super package, you will get Digital Photography Presentation and Digital Photography in Abstract. You will also receive Exposure Charts and the Five Most Popular Scenarios in Digital Photography as free gifts in addition to the basic eBooks provided in the basic package.

You will get eight back issues of Focus e-Magazine if you sign up for the Blockbuster package, plus an additional 8 hours of video tutorials. Additional resources include Powerful Landscape Photography, Digital Photography Techniques, and the current issue of Focus e-Magazine. These digital photography packages are risk free and come with a money back guarantee, within a two month evaluation period. If you are not satisfied at any point in those two months, you may request a full refund.