Photography Advice for Advertising Investment Real Estate

Make your Real Estate Pictures Say More

Taking a picture is easy, but there are some things to consider before pushing that button. Well, actually let me start by saying this: any picture is better than no picture. Just keep in mind that if a picture is worth a thousand words than a good picture is worth even more. Prospective tenants see a lot of average pictures in the advertisements they see. With the right pictures you can impress somebody enough to respond to your investment real estate’s advertisement first and give you the best chance to get quality tenants fast.

Make Your Investment Real Estate Shine

Before snapping those photos, try be sure to have your property clean. Pick up any trash in the yard and cut the grass if it’s getting long. Do some landscaping to make the front of the property look attractive (curb appeal). You will have a hard time finding tenants for your investment real estate if people are turned off from the exterior and never look inside. If you find some good clean tenants that decorated to make your rental property look nice try asking them if you can take pictures while all their decor and furniture are there. This will give you some great looking photos for your future online advertisements and fliers. Once you have some good, quality pictures of your real estate, be sure to save them for when you need to advertise in the future.

Use as many Pictures of your Rental Property as Possible

If there is no time for landscaping or cleaning up you should still take pictures. Many people will not even look at an advertisement on Craigslist or other sites online if it doesn’t have a picture. If you make a custom website for your investment property’s listing you should try having a picture of every room and bathroom along with pictures of any garage or yard that may be appealing. You are not limited to the number of photos you can have on your own website, so show people what they are going to get. Choose the best pictures to show off your rental property for the sites that limit the number of pictures you can upload and for your fliers that you might be making for your “for rent” sign.

Quality Camera helps get Quality Real Estate Pictures

Be sure to use a quality camera. It doesn’t have to be a really fancy digital SLR, but it should be at least a five megapixel camera. Go ahead and crop any pictures that might be too far away to help show any detail. When you upload a picture to your website or to any other site be sure to upload the highest resolution possible so that your pictures look crisp and professional.

Real Estate Trends

There are always going to be real estate trends. Just like a buyer’s and seller’s market, sometimes you will have good times for the tenants renting real estate, while other times are better for the property managers and landlords. This happens when there are either too many rental properties on the market or too few. You will want to pay close attention to your pictures when there is a market favorable to tenants. This will give your investment real estate the best chance of getting occupied quickly.