Start a Pet Photography Business

How to Start a Pet Photography Business

Starting a pet photography business can really be a lot of fun, and a great source of income. A pet photography business can be a real challenge. You really have to like pets, and be able to work with them. This requires a lot of patience. In some cases it can require a lot more patience that taking pictures of young children. Before you even start a pet photography business you will need to first evaluate yourself and, see if you have the experience needed. If you don’t have the experience working with all types of animals you may need to hire an assistant who has some experience working with various types of animals.

Once you have decided on whether or not you want or need assistance you are ready to move on to the next step. This would be making sure that you have the right equipment for the pictures. If you are going to be doing digital photos, it is important that you state this in your advertising. Some people do not like digital photos, and would prefer to get photos with negatives. This is something that you will need to think about. You may want to consider purchasing some additional camera equipment to get your pet photography business up and running.

After you have all of the equipment for the pictures themselves, you may also need to make sure that you have some pet treats. In can be very difficult getting cats and dogs to pose just right unless you have a few pet treats or toys to occupy their interest. Remember that not all pet owners have the ability to get their pets to sit still. Some are well trained and some are not.

When you are first starting out it may be a good idea to be willing to travel to each client’s house to take the pictures. Offering convenience as part of your pet photography pictures will help to increase your chances of a successful business. The next step would be to set your prices. Make up a price list and do not waiver from this price list. You should also choose to include some special package deals in your pet photography price list. Some times package deals are a lot more appealing to people than individual prices. When your prices are all set, you can focus on advertising your business. Since you are just starting out you will want to start with simple flyers and maybe some business cards that you can create yourself at home.