Find Photography Side Jobs for Extra Money

How to Find Photography Side Jobs for Extra Money

If you already know the trade of photography, but are looking for ways to make an extra income from your skill, side jobs requiring photography skills are a great way to go, and a great way to make some extra cash. Photography is a fantastic skill to have; there are so many people wanting and needing photographs all the time, in all types of situations. Here a few ways for you to find photography side jobs to make some extra money for yourself.

I mention this site a lot in my articles, but it’s because it’s that good. Place ads in your local city, or any city you are willing to travel to. Whatever your specialty is, make sure you set a price, so the possible customers will know what they are getting into. Not setting a price may scare the customer away, and this could be a loss for a possible photography side job you could have had. Providing a link to your website portfolio is a good idea, because even if the customer isn’t interested at that time, they may have a future event coming up and they would be able to bookmark your site for later use. Your ad should contain a phone number or e-mail address, and the service you provide and all costs.

Another great thing with, is that you can search for photography side jobs. Sometime, there are people who don’t mind if their photographer is less experienced, because they won’t have to pay as much for the photography services provided. Taking these jobs are not only extra money and good learning experiences, but you can add these photographs to your portfolio!

Paper Ads

Whether it’s in the news paper or a flyer placed in different stores around your area, ads always work. Look at what other photographer’s ads look like before you post yours, because if there’s competition out there, you want yours to stand out from the rest! Do the same as above with listing your services, name or e-mail and price list. Having a website link is also great for you to include on your ad, now-a-days everyone has access to the internet. Place ads in places where your skilled photography niche’s customers will flock. For instance, if you love child photography, posting in hospitals, libraries or grocery markets are ideal for you.

This is a simple website where you can post your services, not as popular as, but just something to get your name out there.

Wedding Websites

Google is wonderful. All you have to do is type in “Looking for a Photographer” and you will be overloaded with pages. Some may be old, but the searching part is the hardest part about this, but it’s all at your fingertips. Whatever you specialize in, Google-it, and get contacting.

Finding side jobs may be the hard part, but getting your name out there is probably the best way to ensure a photography side job every now and then for you. Where ever you go, make sure to bring business cards with you. Don’t give the person one either, give them at least two, this is a way of referring not only from you, but from that person. It’s all about marketing your business, and these are great ways to start.

With all that said, be sure that you only take photography jobs that you are skilled in. If you work mostly with children, sports or action photography may just not be your cup of tea. You want something that you excel in, so you finished photographs look great, and the customer will buy them from you. Don’t waste your time with something you are unfamiliar with.