My Love for a River

My Love for a River

It’s my river, the only river I know

I live here by it…

I lived through all seasons in this spot for a while

I love to photograph my river

no matter what season,

no matter what time of the day (see pictures)

It’s a river that carries love around

People keep cleaning it

after bad storms, we go out

to make sure the water is running and

not much debris is in our way when on the boat

or pedaling on the canoes will be fine…

we love the water in summer when

you can put your feet in and reach

the sand bars to set your tent

and bring that camp fire to a

spectacular being at night

it’s dark, the stars sparkle on the sky

it’s a multitude of them, millions

and, yes, the sky is a spectacular view

who wants to go to sleep anymore?

It’s quiet in the middle of the river,

you can hear only the waves of a cloud…

you might sense a little (water) night life around

there are some geese flying and fish…

but wait, it’s another boat,

people still fishing

they carry a big lantern

they laugh, it’s fun!

Fall comes around with beautiful color

stunning view in the sunset

lit up lights of wonders

then that familiar sound …

a rustling sound of leaves dying

you just want to sit, watch!

It’s winter and cold….

the river stands calm under the thick ice that formed


There is fish there still swimming along, alone

no one bothers them…

or, wait!

there is ice fishing too…

The nature is undisturbed

it’s a deep cold

not many people are even outdoor

to enjoy the wonders of ice broke in pieces

that look like or, are frozen waves…


In the evening is a quiet feeling

the water is clear, the birds start singing

they find their offsprings and chat

The nature revived

What a splendor!

All green, full of life!

You feel the river calling your name.