Kurtis Blow Kingdom Blow

The Top 100 R&B; Album Covers of All Time (No.7) Kurtis Blow Kingdom Blow

The Twin Towers exist no more, and what a more eloquent way to present the once great World Trade Centers. The World Trade Center was a favorite backdrop for many recording artist-using it as a way to promote and bring pride to the now deceased World Trade Center. The twin towers represented what was once an American iconic symbol of power and prestige. Kurtis Blow added a much different twist to using the twin towers as a monumental tribute to a New York memorable monument. This album cover was produced in 1986, and Kurtis Blow is sporting the styles of that era representing New York Hip-Hop community recording artist from many backgrounds and nationalities.

This album cover shows Kurtis Blow sporting the infamous Kanglo hat and gold jewelry symbolizing his rap status. Who would have thought that one day this symbol of greatness would someday disappear from the face of the New York City landscape? When I retracted this album out from my record collection vault, I began to feel a stirring of emotions when I took in this classic R B; rap classic, and indeed it is a classic and memorable album cover for just this reason. The twin towers meant so much to New Yorkers and many people who became familiar with its beauty and compelling value.

An additional interesting design about this album cover is the way that Kurtis Blow is leaning on tower one. Kurtis Blow tribute to capture the World Trade Center in this setting will be forever remembered by all New Yorkers and music fans world wide.

Album Photography/Photographic Design-Lloyd Nelson 1986

Cover Concept-Lyor Cohen, Kurtis Blow 1986

Art Direction-Bill Levy 1986