Wedding Day Photography - DIY

Wedding Day Photography – DIY

One of the biggest expenses for a wedding can be photography. Everyone wants pictures of their wedding day to remember their wedding day bliss. Wedding pictures can cost a fortune from a wedding photographer. To save money, why not have friends take pictures of the special day?

To save on wedding photography costs and still have professional pictures, you may want to go to a photography shop and get bridal pictures. You can even go to the photographers inside Wal-mart for your bridal shots to help save money.

Your friends probably have cameras or recorders that they could use in order to take wedding pictures. Wedding photography by friends will be much more relaxed and less rushed. Your friends will be more likely to take the poses you want instead of pushing you into a pose.

Wedding photography by friends will save you hundreds of dollars on your wedding budget. Your friends will also be happy to have a part in your wedding. You will want to give each friend photographer a list of items that you especially want pictures of certain items.

The day of your wedding, have a list made of where you want your pictures to be taken and with whom. Each member of the wedding party should be in the pictures. Have your friends also take pictures of the wedding.

For your reception, you may want to have pictures of that as well. Your wedding photography at your reception could include disposable cameras for your guests and ask them to take pictures throughout the evening as they see fit. Everyone will leave their camera with a designated person who will give the cameras to you for you to have the pictures developed.

Do-it-yourself wedding photography will ease your budget, and you will have great candid photographs of you and your guests on your special wedding day. Here are a few tips to make wedding photography a little less stressful for you and your photographers.

  1. Make a list of the pictures you want. Be specific. List who, what, when and where on your list. If you want a picture of the bouquet by itself. Be specific.

For example, bouquet with close-up of flowers on the wood floor in the front of the building. Wood can be seen in the picture.

  1. After you make your list if you are going to have several photographers, divide the lists equally and give each one to each photographer. Be sure to be as helpful and polite as possible when they ask you questions. They are doing you a favor.
  2. Plan poses ahead of time. If you want a group shot of the wedding party, decide where each person will stand, who they will stand beside, and where the shot will take place. Use your imagination and get ideas from the others as well. Wedding photography by friends should be fun.
  3. Lighting may be a problem if it is an inside wedding. Be sure to have pictures taken outside with family, friends, and the wedding party just in case the inside photographs don’t turn out well.
  4. Pictures that you may want to think about asking to have taken by your wedding photographers might include:

Bride and Groom



Bride with Brides Maids

Groom with Grooms Men

Bride with Grooms Men

Groom with Brides Maids

Bride and Parents

Groom and Parents

Bride and Groom with Parents




Ring Bearer

Flower Girl

Bride and Groom with Ring Bearer

Bride and Groom with Flower Girl

Wedding Cake

Wedding Transportation (if special or if decorated)

Any close family of either party