Photography Projects

Photography Projects

Challenge your photography skills by implementing a photograph project. They can help you to see objects in a different way. Simple projects can force you to think more creatively, which can increase the value of your photographs. Create a blog where you can post your progress to help motivate you. The knowledge that people are reading about your project can help push you to complete it.

365 Day Photography Project

Taking a photo every day is a project that has many variations. You can take a self-portrait each day for a year. It can be a simple picture that documents your subtle hair changes, or for more inspired ideas, look at the Flickr 365 Days group.

This project can be adjusted to become a 52 Weeks Project, where you take a photo of yourself each week.

If taking a photo of yourself doesn’t thrill you, consider using your child, a pet or a backyard tree.

A-Z Photography Project

Search for objects that represent each of the letters of the alphabet. Use different camera techniques as you go, or use a consistent style like all black and white close-ups. For letters without a clear object connection, consider using taking a photo of a word that represents that letter, such as quiet for the letter Q.

Numbers make a good project as well. Take a photo of 1 chair, 2 children, 3 balls and so on. The finished photographs can be arranged in an album or framed as an original art piece.

Another way to do this photograph project is to look for objects that are shaped like letters or numbers. Take pictures of objects that are naturally shaped like a particular symbol, take the picture extremely close-up or at an unusual angle to recreate the shape, or arrange the objects yourself.

Photograph Scavenger Hunt

This can be an assignment or a game. Create a list of things to photograph. They can be actual objects, like a stop sign or railroad tracks, or you can include abstract things like happy, sad, or silly. If your are sending a team of people out to complete this photograph project, then you can include things they must do and document with a photo, like giving a penny to a stranger.

Look for ideas on Flickr by doing a search for scavenger hunt groups. You can join in, or use items from their lists as a starting point.